We are huge fans of WordPress, for a ton of reasons.

We've worked with WordPress websites since 2008, and quickly found the platform to be a great foundation for SEO growth and a much better alternative than Drupal or Joomla. Today, WordPress is by far the most popular website authoring platform. The biggest reason we use WordPress on almost everything we do is due to the ease of building proprietary technology inside the plugin system.

WordPress, for our team, facilitates quickly either building a large website or enlarging an existing website to drastically changing its content profile very quickly to support an SEO campaign. WordPress also gives us the ability to maintain, manage and change large amounts of text in your website very efficiently using tools like our Dynamic Content Engine. And, for you, it lets us build a high quality website very inexpensively. 

Besides open source platforms like WordPress, your other easy ways to get a website up running cheaply & quickly are going to be Website As A Service companies, where you pay a monthly free. Platforms like Shopify offer a great ecommerce package for low monthly fees that comes with a lot of what you need to build a quick product or ecommerce website.

If you are going into ecommerce, just make sure the products you are going to sell are priced competitively while still generating a solid margin per sale for you. You will need it to offset the costs of running services like Shopify, and will need a budget to bring in organic and even paid traffic.  We are happy to provide SEO services and backlink building for websites living on paid platforms like Shopify. Just ask us for a free audit and proposal.

WordPress also offers a huge, free-to-start platform for ecommerce through the WooCommerce ecosystem.