National SEO

If you’re targeting a large multi-state region or going after non-geotargeted organic traffic from all over the place, then you need to talk to us about our National SEO program capabilities and what we can do in terms of SEO lead generation on your behalf.

Understanding competition levels are key to succeeding at National SEO. There are a finite number of traffic-producing ranking positions per keyword that you want, so a generally targeted national SEO campaign is always a mix of offensive and defensive measures designed to grab new search share and protect your existing rankings.

If you’re launching a new website, you have to catch up, and every ranking we achieve for you is a ranking that we have taken away from another website.  If we are taking over a mature website or replacing an SEO provider or SEO agency that you are unhappy with, then we are first going to improve upon their existing work while we roll your campaign over to our way of running an SEO program.

If you are focused on primarily rural states, or if you are selling a very specialized product or service, your goals may fit into our Regional & Local SEO pricing packages.

How we deliver strong National SEO results

Most SEO agencies that work hard all do things a little differently. Some use established tactics that we do not currently employ, and some use innovative techniques that they may have built in-house, just like we do.

We call what we do aggressive search engine optimization because we can show you a large amount of tangible SEO work being done to support your national SEO campaign. A lot of providers are hush-hush on what they will show you in regards to your campaign besides ranking reports and onsite blog articles.

If you’re running a National SEO campaign with us and wanted enhanced visibility into our work, we will provide ranking reports, competitive intelligence, outside link building URLs, outside link building articles & content, copies of Local Citations, etc.

If you’re the type who is not going to look at this level of reporting regularly, we can eliminate the enhanced reporting to save you on your monthly National SEO fees.

Proprietary technology like our Dynamic Content Engine gives us the ability to inject carefully structured  text content into various areas of your website. It can be used to add content underneath Product inventory, inside old Blog Archives, and in any other parts of your website that have large numbers of pages in-section.  We love to deploy this tool to feed off of Category and Tag archives on large WordPress sites.

It also lets us build a large number of geographically structured landing pages inside your website to represent a hierarchy of pages for each state, city, town and rural address zone that you want to build traffic in. Careful use of aspects of Google’s Local algorithm will still benefit you on a national basis, no matter what you are selling.  For National campaigns, this is a great way to match up consumers sitting in a target zone with your products and services that match the keywords they search for.

Sounds complicated? It is complicated, but we have made it easy to get results for you in this sector or search.