Small Business SEO

Why do we like working with small businesses in local areas so much? It’s not because the work for us is that much easier. We love small business SEO because it is a category where we can greatly affect the visibility of your business in places like Google and deliver very strong organic rankings quickly.

Our small business SEO program is a great fit for local plumbers, electricians, specialty retail stores, restaurants & restaurant groups, and professional services firms like accountants, lawyers, financial planners, etc. Basically, if you’re focused in doing great in search in one geographic market, you’re a good fit for our small business SEO.  If you’re in a major metro area or big city, then you will want to check out our Local / Regional SEO program.

How we deliver great small business SEO results

We use aggressive search engine optimization techniques that a large number of local business owners are simply not aware of. We basically use available technology and have made our own SEO technology that lets us do a better job for you than others, at a competitive price.

Proprietary technology like our Dynamic Content Engine lets us build a large number of geographically structured landing pages inside your website to represent your Service Area with pages for each city, town and mailing address name in the area you sell your products and services in. It’s a great match to how Google uses its Google Local algorithm to match up consumer sitting in a target zone with matching products and services to the keywords they search for. Sounds complicated? It is complicated, but we have made it easy to get results for you in this sector or search.