We do not currently sell "SEO research" as a product, but we do have to let our own prospects and customers know what goes into the recommendations we make on their campaign direction and on the internal decisions we make while executing an SEO campaign for a client.

Every business is different. Every industry is different.

There are a ton of differences in how the search market behaves for each industry. And inside each industry, every business has different products, different specialties, and different content within its website. It causes a need for a healthy amount of SEO research to be completed before a targeted proposal and responsibly crafted campaign can be developed for an SEO client.

If your SEO provider isn't bothering to learn your business, that's a problem

Proper research upfront and properly curated knowledge will get you much stronger SEO results from an SEO provider. Here's some of the items we look at and summarize for you when developing an SEO proposal for you.

  • Your past & current organic traffic
  • Your current rankings
  • Google Search Console & Google Analytics analysis
  • Potential keyword search volumes
  • Recommend target keywords & deratives
  • Competitor search & content profiles
  • Competitor keyword rankings
  • Out-of-market comparisons