There is a challenge to companies that have to purchase content written by outside consultants for their websites, brochures and other materials. Most outside contractors can't put in the time required to learn your business within a budget that you are willing to pay.

There's a few different ways we create quality, impactful written content on your behalf. One way is we look at everything you've produced or written yourself that is available. This includes your existing website and anything else you can show us. We analyze this content and usually will set up a quick interview with you and key members of your team so we can pick up some other information about your company, processes, products and services. We also talk to you about your perceived competition, particularly if you do not like the messaging in any current content that you own.

If we have talked to your team and understand your perceived competition, we can write very good written content on your behalf that sends the right message to consumers and prospects. There is an art and science to crafting quality marketing content for clients, and there are multiple methods of structuring text content for the best possible search engine optimization results.