There is a method to our madness in the creation of client SEO campaigns.

When we optimize your website for search, we're really looking for ways to position your site higher in the right organic pathways to traffic. It means that a lot of SEO research is performed upfront to find the appropriate keywords to deliver higher rankings and organic traffic. In this phase, it doesn't matter if your website is 10 years old or 2 minutes old.

The first thing we do on existing sites is to look for low-hanging fruit, or easy opportunities for improvement.  If you've been operating for multiple years online and have Google Analytics or Google Search Console attached to your website, or if you have access to your hosting company control panel, we can find traffic-generating keywords from your past to optimize for the future.

We stand by our word that it is very easy to generate additional organic traffic when we know what keywords are already giving you impressions and traffic from organic search.  If your website is newer, don't worry. We look to your largest local, regional and national competitors to see where they are getting their traffic.

Long-tail keywords, niche keywords and geo-targeted keywords and phrases are a great way to go after traffic quickly for new sites, or for existing websites with an established history.

When we've structured your website SEO content carefully, the pursuit of all of these "easier" keywords is done using strategies and techniques that support the pursuit of higher rankings in the keywords that you really want. These are the shorter, more popular keywords with the highest levels of search to chase on your behalf.

You already know what those keywords are for your business usually, since you have been staring at them often wondering why you aren't ranked as high as your competitors. We can change that!