How do you grab organic rankings and traffic quickly? When helping typical businesses selling products or services, we go after the Google Local algorithm. When optimization for Google Local is done aggressively, your business will outrank larger national and regional businesses that are not as good a fit locally as you are to the Google search being performed. This is an essential way to grab search traffic and search market share from prospects sitting at home or work in your service areas.

We use a combination of traditional Google Local optimization techniques combined with smart use of our Dynamic Content Engine. Our traditional Google Local optimization techniques include:

  • Google My Local business profile creation & optimization
  • Geo-Targeted Directory listing creation
  • Local Citation recruitment
  • Local Backlink building

Here's some of the secret sauce. We have our own self-built Dynamic Content Engine that makes it easy for us to create, manage and continuously optimize a huge number of geo-targeted landing pages for your website. We typically use this technology to create a comprehensive Service Areas section within your WordPress website. Here's how we get to hundreds or thousands of pages in building a giant content footprint for you.

For a local company operating in an area within a state, we're building pages within your county-wide service area.

For a regional company operating in a mid-sized city or major metropolitan area, we're creating pages within all the counties, towns and addresses covering the metro area, the city itself, and its neighborhood zones or popular areas as humans know them. This gives you a very large footprint of text-heavy pages that relatively closely matches how Google Maps structures their towns, cities and areas.

For a national company or multi-state service areas, we are building pages for each state, county, city/city zone, town and mailing address that you operate in.

The text and objects that appear on these geo-targeted landing pages is generated from one control panel inside your WordPress website where our team and manage and generate new text across the entire group of pages. It makes for easy adjustments on your SEO content that can affect and influence your website's content profile with the search engines in huge ways.