Why do you need lots of links to your website from other websites? The primary reason is that it tells the search engines that you are (somewhat) of an authoritative information resource for the keyword used in the link coming to you, if the link is coming from relevant text content or a relevant website. When looking at relevancy, the relevancy of the text content the link is sitting in is far more important than the total relevancy of the website linking to you.

In normal talk, that means that a well-written detailed blog post on any non-spammy website about something related to your product or service with a link in it to a matching page on your website WILL have a positive effect on your SEO campaign. The good news for you, as a business owner, is that it is easy for us to get exact backlinks from an exact list of blogs and websites that we decide are a good fit for links to your website.

With backlinks, we are either buying them on your behalf using your SEO budget and fees, or we are recruiting for links by reaching out to other websites. We buy and trade backlinks, even though it is frowned upon in some SEO circles, because passing money around is a great way to guarantee we can get the exact levels of backlinks we need in support of improving your results.

Backlink recruitment through direct outreach is also great and can get sporadic results, but the time spent for the results gained can be a mismatch for most client budgets.

We also can trade for backlinks in decent levels by using the website networks we own and operate as leverage. Backlink trades work best when they are three-way and larger in footprint, meaning we provide links to others from our websites in exchange for them linking to you from theirs. It makes for a clean, natural-looking backlink profile with Google.